Another day another dollar!!!

Yes, back at work! Last night I ended up watching a movie called Bones and Blood or was it Blood and Bones, oh well some thing like that!
I was ok...
Couldn't really watch the other one I started coz it was too much of a kids movie!
I'm dying to watch a really really good movie that I wanna watch a second or a third time!
Haven't felt that in a while!
The new Twilight movie was disappointing, so was Colombiana!
Saw the trailer for The Expendables 2, can't wait for it!
That might be a good one!
Other than that, it's my last Friday working in a few weeks! Next Friday and a few Fridays after that I'm in southern Europe! Woohoo
So excited!

Oh man, I love when people send me pink invites! Makes me wanna go even though shouldn't! Lol


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