Grown up!

I'm really not! Lol
I'm bout to be 27 in less than a month and I really can't believe it! I mean I still feel so young and like a child! Well, not really a child but I think you know what I mean!
I really can't see myself married with kids at the moment! I love my freedom way to much! I love being able to travel and do whatever I feel like doing!
Oh, man I make having kids sound like prison or something! I'm sure its nothing like that but since I've never been to jail and I don't have kids I guess I don't really know!
My fiends that do have kids all say once you actually do have a child you don't really want to go out anymore!
I guess I can see that too!!!
I'm sure once you meet the 'right one' that all changes and you can't wait to start a family!
We'll see!!!!! :)

A picture from my graduation! The moment I grew up!!! Lol


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