I hate packing!!!

This shit stresses me the fuck out! There is so much clothes I wanna bring especially knowing my cousins are gonna be there too and we are gonna go out and party but I can't fit them all in my bag. I promised my dad I would take only one bag and I have to keep that promise! Becasue I know I'm gonna go shopping down there too and I gotta bring all that stuff back which means an extra suitcase is going back home with me.
Also, my dad said that if I don't have to much stuff I could buy a snowboard! Therefore, I'm doing the best I can to pick out only the clothes I know I really, really need and I'm gonna wear for sure.
But, and everyone that knows me knows this, I can't pack light!!!
I pack the same suitcase I'm supposed to bring now for just a weekend...
Oh Lord, this is giving me anxiety and a headache!!!

Postat av: Sara - Mamma till Nova

Hoppas din dag varit bra? :D

2011-12-20 @ 23:08:20
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