I'm done

Yes, I've put all the clothes and stuff I'm bringing with me in the suitcase and handbag...Although I think I need to repack it again, to make averything fit perfectly.
I'm a lil worried I haven't packed enough 'warm' clothes. I mean I'm also gonna visit family a lot so I don't wanna/have to be dressed up all the time!!! Oh well...I'll just buy a few things to wear around the house.
Also, I'm going to my own house so, I'm pretty sure there are clothes in my closet down there that I can still wear!
Jackets and boots I don't have to bring, I know I have that!
I'm off to bed now! Tomorrow at 7.30 I'm meeting all my co-workers at my boss's house for a Christmas breakfast! I'm sure that's gonna be nice!!!
Sleep tight loves!


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