So the last one of my packages got here today and I'm a bit dissappointed! 2/4 shoes fit me. The other two are going back! And I really liked them, a lot.
The coffee with Åsa today, didn't happen, both of us are going away for the holidays and have a ton of stuff to do before we leave!
We decided to do it next year. LOL
Oh man, 2012 is almost here and so is my birthday! I'm gonna be 27 and I don't mind it at all. I've layed out the clothes I'm bringing and now I'm gonna go pick out accessiories and start putting it all in my suitcase. Shoes I'm still indecided on and also a NYE outfit. I'm thinking I'll just buy something but what if I don't find anything!? I might just bring a back up outfit that I already have! I just need to find something I can wear to a houseparty or a nightclub since I still don't know where I'm bringing in the new year!
Keeping these...
Sending these back...(unless someone wants them)

Postat av: Sara - Mamma till Nova

Det är alltid stressigt innan jul! :P

Eller är det allmänt?

Nja jag ska typ bara "vila" min rygg!

2011-12-20 @ 19:26:03
Postat av: azra

de tredje är de ja också beställt,tror jag!

Tappade andan lite när du skrev 27 hahah guess why?!

2011-12-20 @ 20:29:15
Postat av: amela

Hahaha de första har jag med, eller nisam ih jos dobila. Är dem svåra att gå i ??:S

2011-12-21 @ 22:49:00

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