My cousins want me to blog in English so they can read it too so here I go!

Like I mentioned in the previous post I've been good through my jewelry and I found a whole box of necklaces I've never used before!
Most of them actually still have the tags on them!

How crazy is that!?

But it's nothing new, I keep finding bags and boxes of stuff I've never worn/used before!
Makeup, shoes, clothes,jewelry...everything!
At the end of this summer I found a bag from H&M with 17 prices of clothing that had been stashed away in my basement! I got to use most of it because the Swedish weather has been crazy and it was still pretty hot in like september!

Anyway...gotta go look through another box, maybe I find something else I forgot I had!
Maybe I should do a giveaway!!!???
What do you think!?


Postat av: azra

kan du ta en närmare bild på det turkosa på bild nr ett hahah?

2011-12-11 @ 22:11:27
URL: http://azraz.blogg.se/

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