Just wanted to send you all a quick hello from the beautiful city of Prijedor, Bosnia!!! Hope you all are having a great Christmas break!!!!

On our way

Went for a walk...

Good morning

Hope you all slept well, I know I did!!! It could have been a longer time though but that's alright!
I had the strangest dream, ever! I dreamt my uncle and my dad were arguing what the real chicken and rice was! Lol...they had different ideas on how to take it and their own idea was the real dish! Oh lord...
I'm at the office now, all alone! I'm sure someone will show up soon!
I'm gonna start my dad with a cup of coffee and by checking my mail!


I'm ready

Yes, finally done, with everything. Packing, cleaning and the shower!!! Just checking my mail and stuff now...
Even though I'm really tired I don't wanna go to bed just yet, it's only 9.40PM.
I think I'm gonna watch a movie and just relax with a cup of tea.
Talked to my mom and dad earlier and they are ready too. Skyped with sissy and Aidan earlier, well I skyped with her and Aidan was messing around and hiding behing her! He's so damn cute...Love that lil kid.
Off I go...talk to you later!!!
A picture of Aidan from summer 09, the last time I saw him!!!

Busy busy busy

I've been busy all day long. And now I'm about to do the last bit of packing, clean the kitchen and then I'm done! After that I'm gonna jump in the shower and go to bed! I'm waking up at 6 am tomorrow... Work til 4pm and then I'm off...I have a two hour drive to my parents house and then just change cars and head to Bosnia!!! Hoping the weather is good!!! I'll shoot you a few updates tomorrow!!!

Good morning

My body is so messed up right now I can't move! I must have slept in a really bad position and on top of that my throat is killing me! If this isn't typical me, getting sick a day before I go away, I don't know what is!
I set my alarm for 6.45 but I woke up at 6.11, what is up with that!??
I'm now getting ready for breakfast at my boas's house.


Remember this?

I'm done

Yes, I've put all the clothes and stuff I'm bringing with me in the suitcase and handbag...Although I think I need to repack it again, to make averything fit perfectly.
I'm a lil worried I haven't packed enough 'warm' clothes. I mean I'm also gonna visit family a lot so I don't wanna/have to be dressed up all the time!!! Oh well...I'll just buy a few things to wear around the house.
Also, I'm going to my own house so, I'm pretty sure there are clothes in my closet down there that I can still wear!
Jackets and boots I don't have to bring, I know I have that!
I'm off to bed now! Tomorrow at 7.30 I'm meeting all my co-workers at my boss's house for a Christmas breakfast! I'm sure that's gonna be nice!!!
Sleep tight loves!

I hate packing!!!

This shit stresses me the fuck out! There is so much clothes I wanna bring especially knowing my cousins are gonna be there too and we are gonna go out and party but I can't fit them all in my bag. I promised my dad I would take only one bag and I have to keep that promise! Becasue I know I'm gonna go shopping down there too and I gotta bring all that stuff back which means an extra suitcase is going back home with me.
Also, my dad said that if I don't have to much stuff I could buy a snowboard! Therefore, I'm doing the best I can to pick out only the clothes I know I really, really need and I'm gonna wear for sure.
But, and everyone that knows me knows this, I can't pack light!!!
I pack the same suitcase I'm supposed to bring now for just a weekend...
Oh Lord, this is giving me anxiety and a headache!!!


So the last one of my packages got here today and I'm a bit dissappointed! 2/4 shoes fit me. The other two are going back! And I really liked them, a lot.
The coffee with Åsa today, didn't happen, both of us are going away for the holidays and have a ton of stuff to do before we leave!
We decided to do it next year. LOL
Oh man, 2012 is almost here and so is my birthday! I'm gonna be 27 and I don't mind it at all. I've layed out the clothes I'm bringing and now I'm gonna go pick out accessiories and start putting it all in my suitcase. Shoes I'm still indecided on and also a NYE outfit. I'm thinking I'll just buy something but what if I don't find anything!? I might just bring a back up outfit that I already have! I just need to find something I can wear to a houseparty or a nightclub since I still don't know where I'm bringing in the new year!
Keeping these...
Sending these back...(unless someone wants them)

Even more

There is one package left, that hasn't arrived yet and I wasn't expecting it 'til after new years but apparently it's gonna be here tomorrow or the day after!!!!
Although the post office is having some issues, but I really hope it gets here before I go on vacation!
I still haven't packed so that's perfect, I can change some of the stuff I'm bringing if I end up wanting to bring some of the items from the package!!! :)



I gotta get a lot of stuff done today! But I've also made plans with Åsa to go for coffee at 7.
As soon as I get home I'm gonna start packing! I need to do all the packing first and then the putting away and cleaning so my place is spotless when I leave!
so yeah, that's the plan for today! Pack and if I have some time over clean!!! Other than the fact that I'm stressed out because I don't have that much time left everything is good!


Here are the items in the packages that arrived friday and today! :)
Silver bracelet from Miss Dee

My face gets dry during the winter, so I need this!

A casual boot for every day!

Can't wait to rock these babies!

Great shoes for NYE

I can't decide which color I like better!

What do you think?
I'm off to bed now, another full day at work awaits and then I really do have to pack when I get home!
Good Night

So much to do

I have so much to take care of before I leave for Bosnia but I don't even know where to start. I tried putting away clothes I wanted to bring but I only put away 2 shirts and then I got tired of packing so I went to watch a movie. I stayed in the sofa for 3 hours. Now I'm up trying to make some lunch for tomorrow.
I also went to get a package at the post office and I was really pleased with everything in it.

Boring design

I know people! The design on my blog is very boring! I agree and I think so too! But chill for a lil tho, as soon as my sister gets back from the US she's gonna fix it! It's gonna look amazing!!! :)

Keep reading!

Shopping list!

My shopping list keeps getting longer and longer! And I keep telling myself I won't pack too much going there so I can bring a lot more back but that's a lie!
I don't pack light, I never have because I don't know how!!!
I always bring a lot of options and changes of clothes!
It's something I have to! I never know what mood I'll be in and that I want to wear!
Like now, I don't know where I'm spending New Years yet so I have to bring options!

Main thing is I have to but everything on my list or I'll be sad! :(

Shoes of the day

Not the coolest shoe I have but very compfy and also very necessary in Sweden!!! :)

Loving this

WW pt 2

Winter wonderland

I woke up at 5am and you could almost smell the snow in the air but I was a bit cold so I couldn't bother getting up to see how much there was!
It's now 7.30 and I'm about to get up for work! I wish I could sleep more but I have four days left to work and then I'm going on VACATION!!! Woohoo

Home Sweet Home

I got home an hour ago after having to drive through a blizzard...A truck in front of me with a trailer almost slid off the road, TWICE. So damn scary! I met with my chicas today, always nice to see them. We laughed like crazy, as usual. FUN TIME I'm about to jump in the shower and then off to bed! Good Night


It's been a crazy morning! Woke up a few times from text messages! Sissy made it safe to the USA.
Had breakfast with mom and dad and then started doing my laudry! Everything is up to dry now! Then I cleaned the whole place.
I'm bout to have lunch now and then go meet the girls for coffee!


Sissy at the airport yesterday! She was this happy! :)

Running around!

I've been to Stockholm and back today and then also went to visit my auntie! Fun times!
Yeah, we took my sissy to the airport this morning and currently she is on her way to DC from London!
After having coffee with her at the airport we want to visit my dads cousin and his family! Love then so it was nice! On out way back we left Stockholm in the middle of a storm! Driving through it was horrible! But we made it home safe, thank God!
As soon as we got home I ate dinner and went to chill with my auntie. Always a lot of fun!
Got there before 7pm and left after 10 pm...yes, we can talk for hours!
Now I'm chilling with mom and dad. Off to bed soon though, can't take much more!

Good night!


We're at the airport in Stockholm now! I had to get up at 4am, now my head is killing me!
Sissy is off to London soon and then DC!

Wishing you a great trip doll!!!
Safe travels!!!



I'm now at my mom and dads house! Sissy is here too! We're all sleeping here!
The ride here was horrible! Raining most of the time and those damn truckers would not move! So annoying!
I'm about to jump in the shower and then get ready for bed! Waking up at 4 am is gonna be interesting!!!!!



I'm so excited right now! I have two packages waiting for me at the post office! I can't wait to get off work at 4 and go get them!
I'll show you what it is after the weekend! Because I'm going to see my parents and spend some time with my sissy before she heads to the US!
I'm gonna miss her but now, because we don't live in the same city anymore I getting used to not seeing her as often as I have before!
And soon enough it'll be my time to go on vacation too!

I have a new watch, and I love it!!! :)
( a bargain)

Shoe of the day

Or should I say boot of the day because it seems like that's all I've been wearing lately!!!!
Simple and comfortable.

Another day another dollar!!!

Yes, back at work! Last night I ended up watching a movie called Bones and Blood or was it Blood and Bones, oh well some thing like that!
I was ok...
Couldn't really watch the other one I started coz it was too much of a kids movie!
I'm dying to watch a really really good movie that I wanna watch a second or a third time!
Haven't felt that in a while!
The new Twilight movie was disappointing, so was Colombiana!
Saw the trailer for The Expendables 2, can't wait for it!
That might be a good one!
Other than that, it's my last Friday working in a few weeks! Next Friday and a few Fridays after that I'm in southern Europe! Woohoo
So excited!

Oh man, I love when people send me pink invites! Makes me wanna go even though shouldn't! Lol

Movie and ice cream

Watching another Christmas movie, Santa Clause 3!


Ohh man...tonight I really do not feel like packing...I haven't even started....well actually I have...I put my hair straightener in my bag, that's about it!!! After 4 months of going away pretty much every weekend I'm over it, sooooo over it!!! I don't wanna deal with it and it is at times like these I wish I had a PA to do it for me!
Also, I have to do the dishes and that I don't mind, at all, so I think that is what I'm gonna go do now and pack later, just throw in som jeans and tops and that's it!!!!!

Grown up!

I'm really not! Lol
I'm bout to be 27 in less than a month and I really can't believe it! I mean I still feel so young and like a child! Well, not really a child but I think you know what I mean!
I really can't see myself married with kids at the moment! I love my freedom way to much! I love being able to travel and do whatever I feel like doing!
Oh, man I make having kids sound like prison or something! I'm sure its nothing like that but since I've never been to jail and I don't have kids I guess I don't really know!
My fiends that do have kids all say once you actually do have a child you don't really want to go out anymore!
I guess I can see that too!!!
I'm sure once you meet the 'right one' that all changes and you can't wait to start a family!
We'll see!!!!! :)

A picture from my graduation! The moment I grew up!!! Lol


I have a new picture on my wall of my sissy and I on a night out! I miss the red hair on her, my little firecracker!!!

Shoes of the day!

I think I'm gonna start doing these a lil bit more because I have a pretty impressive shoe collection...well, I think so myself anyway! I love my shoes!!!!!!!!

Good morning

I hope you all slept well. I know I did! Up now and getting ready for another day at the office! I don't have that much to do so today might be a slow day!
Hopefully something happens and I have a few things to fix!

Have a great day!


The santa incident

Decided to watch another movie before bed. The Santa Incident! It's now midnight and I've watched half of it, I'll watch the other half tomorrow or after the weekend! We'll...
I'm off to bed now! Sleep tight y'all!!!
Good Night!


The movie was alright...nothing more and nothing less!
I've been trying to get a hold of my sister so if anyone talks to her in the next hour, tell her to answer my text! LOL

Four Christmases

This is the movie I'm gonna watch!


Ever since I got home from work I've been dealing with the mess that is my closet and I'm still not done!
I have so much more to do but I just can't. I'm gonna make myself a cup of tea and watch a movie. Problem is, I don't know what to watch. Been into holiday movies lately...DUH
So yeah, hope you're having a great evening!
I need this in my life!

All day, all day long

And loving it!!!


www.gabifresh.com...Check this out first!

Look at this girl! I'm obsessed! She's absolutely gorgeous and the way she dresses! Well, I envy her! I wanna have the confidence to dress that way too!
I have a huge closet, not in space but in the amount of clothes I have! But, I don't use it as much as I should! I usually walk around in jeans and an oversized top! Pretty boring!
I wanna be this girl and be able to use all the clothes I have!
All the dresses and skirts, blazers and shoes people don't even know I have! :)
That is gonna be my new years resolution!!!! Wear all the clothes I have but haven't worn before!!!!

Friends or friendly

I'm trying so hard to be this girls friend, because I like her alot. She's such a nice girl and we have fun together but I just don't feel like she wants to be friends as bad as I do! I mean we used to be so close but something changed! I think I might know what but she says it's nothing!
I guess I have to trust and believe her! I don't know what else to do but to try!!!
I keep hearing or reading stuff about her life and what's going on but she never tells me anything, anymore!
Makes me sad! I really thought I had a best friend her but I guess I was wrong!
I'll give her time, maybe that's what she needs but that's not gonna last forever!
I can't be feeling like this, I don't want to! If she doesn't wanna be friends I guess I have to move on! :(

My day

Hello faves!

What's going on with you!?
I'm in such a good mood right now, it's not even funny!
I'm loving life at the moment, actually I love it all the time but today has been such a good day, so far!
Yesterday was also a good day! I was just too tired to write anything! Lol
Was gonna go to bed early but just like usual I went to bed at midnight!
I'm liking this side of me! Lol...
I think it's the fact that it's only a week left until my trip and that really means a lot to me! It's been a year since I've been to Bosnia and seen my family!
Can't wait to hug and kiss them all and just spend time with them! I know I'm gonna come back feeling so refreshed and ready to take over the world!
Also, I'm going back home Friday because my sissy leaves for the US Saturday and mom, dad and I are gonna take her to the airport! :)
I know she's gonna have a great time! And I can't wait for her to get me all the shoes and bags I want! Lol
Anyway, while I'm in Bosnia I'm gonna celebrate my 27th birthday! :D
I'm bout to be so old!!!!!!!! Haha
Last year I had a party at the house and a lot of people came, it's a do over this year!
Hoping it's as much fun as when I turned 26. Had my uncles there, my aunties, other family members and a firework show! Yes, you read it right! My dad did a firework show for my birthday! It was so cool and a surprise! I had no idea he had that planned! Missed my mom and sister but we celebrated when I came back!
This year I'm gonna have a party at my new house when my sister comes back at the end of January!


Aww I miss bubba!!! <3

This day

Today has been super chill!
Haha, I'm so tired I can't bother writing anything else, I'm off to bed soon!


Love your life, it's already been written!

Tonight, give everything tonight...!!!

So, after work I went grocery shopping. I didn't have anything to eat at home but I also didn't wanna buy too much since I'm leaving the country in 10 days!!! I bought just enough!!!
Came home, ate and then just sat around doing nothing. Watched a movie and then started to make lasagna when my sister sent me a text message telling me to get on Skype. Ended up spending like two hours skyping with her and mom and dad. We had a three way convo. Best comment of the night was my mom telling us she had logged off...LMAO...obviously not since you're telling us that over skype. My sissy and I laughed like crazy, mom almost got mad!
Now I'm gonna watch a Christmas movie, Holiday in Handcuffs and then I'm off to bed!!!


Seriously thinking about going to bed...and it's not even 7pm. That's how tired I am...I think I'll stick it out till at least 8pm and then I'm gone!!! LOL

Christmas gift

Yes I got my first gift of the year. I've been a good girl! HAHA
Just kidding! It's just a lamp I got at work for my desk! Lmao

I die

If I never knew love before, I do now...!!!
Look at these babies!

So, my sister is off to NYC/DC this weekend and of course she's gonna shop for the best sister ever, ME!!!
She asked If I had made a shoppinglist and umm, off course!!! These babies are on top of it!!!

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes, in red! How gorgeous!
Actually I don't even care what color they are, I'm just in love with these shoes!


No sleep

So I fell asleep sometimes after 3am...yet I woke up this morning at 7 like I had slept for a really long time and really well! :)
Now it's almost 9am and I'm still feeling like that! Although I know as soon an the clock strikes 2pm I'm gonna start feeling like a dead fish...lol...
That's why I'm gonna make sure I drink a lot of coffee before lunch! Like multiple cups!

My co worker in the office next to me is playing Christmas music!
Loving it!
Just wish there was snow outside!!!



In the beginning of this year I had a severe case of insomnia. For about two months I didn't sleep more than 2-3 hours a night and I was still able to function like a human being, without coffee and drugs! I went to school, spent the afternoons with my friends and the nights with reading or something else to make the time pass! Because it was boring after a while...

Now every time I can't sleep, even though I know there is a perfectly logical explanation I freak out! I don't wanna go back to those night when everyone else was asleep but me!!!

3.12 am and still not tired!


Still awake

Yes, it's 2.30 am here and I'm still awake! This is absurd!!! I really need to be sleeping right now if I'm gonna make it through the day and work...
Doesn't look so promising right now! Thinking I might as well stay awake and head to work early! Lol


I should be sleeping right now but this weekend really messed me up! Sleeping in is not my friend. I was up to about 1 am last night which resulted in me waking up at noon today and now it's almost midnight and I'm still up, of course.
I don't mind right now because I'm most productive at night but I know I will mind tomorrow morning.
I'm gonna go lay down now, hopefully I'll fall asleep.
Sleep tight dolls!


So my lil sis wanted to see a better picture of this necklace!!!
It's pretty long!

Here you go doll!!!

My jams

Love these songs!!!


My cousins want me to blog in English so they can read it too so here I go!

Like I mentioned in the previous post I've been good through my jewelry and I found a whole box of necklaces I've never used before!
Most of them actually still have the tags on them!

How crazy is that!?

But it's nothing new, I keep finding bags and boxes of stuff I've never worn/used before!
Makeup, shoes, clothes,jewelry...everything!
At the end of this summer I found a bag from H&M with 17 prices of clothing that had been stashed away in my basement! I got to use most of it because the Swedish weather has been crazy and it was still pretty hot in like september!

Anyway...gotta go look through another box, maybe I find something else I forgot I had!
Maybe I should do a giveaway!!!???
What do you think!?



Glömde visst bilderna, så här kommer dem!!!

Good use

Jag kommer ihåg att jag vid ett tillfälle lovade visa mina inflyttningspresenter men det tror jag inte att jag har! Därför tänkte jag passa på att visa er några, som bara av ett tillfälle råkas alla användas just nu!

Koppen och fatet är från Azra och Elma! Tehållaren och te't är från Majda(så gullig)
Apelsin och persikomarmeladen är från Ada(håller på att ta slut, måste köpa ny)
Och det vita fatet är från syrran men den är från när jag flyttade till Kalmar!!!

Tyckte det var ett roligt sammanträffande!!!

Nu ska jag äta!


To Stockholm or not!?!?

Blev tyvärr inget Stockholm för min del i helgen...återkommer till det lite senare dock!
Har inte bloggat sen torsdag, varför? Jooo, för att jag varit väldigt sjuk. Det är jag fortfarande men det är mycket bättre just nu.
Hela fredagen satt jag på jobbet och bad till Gud att det skulle bli bättre men det gick inte så jag gav upp och gick hem, jätteledsen!
Ville verkligen inte att det skulle vara så men kände att jag var tvungen att meddela Azze om jag kanske inte skulle kunna komma. Hon förstog!
Sov i stort sett bort hela kvällen och tiden jag inte sov drack jag en massa te. Det i sig resulterade att jag fick springa på toa en massa.
Vaknade flera gånger under natten och vid vissa tillfällen kände jag att jag kanske skulle palla med Stockholm, men det var nog bara önsketänkade.
Gick upp vid 8 och började fixa mig för att hinna till tåget men insåg ganska snart att det inte skulle gå. Febern var kvar, och hostan var värre. Så jag fick gå lägga mig igen och precis när jag skulle messa Azze fick jag sms av henne.
Tråkigt men jag hade bestämmt mig för att stanna hemma.
Hela gårdagen spenderades mellan soffan och sängen. Pallade inte med något. Försökte läsa vid ett tillfälle men minndes inte vad jag läste så jag gav upp. Sov bort större delen av dagen. På kvällen kände jag mig bättre och eftersom detta var första helgen på typ tre månader som jag hade 'ledigt' blev jag ganska rastlös så jag sorterade mitt smink...
Asså fy vad mycket jag har men jag fortsätter ändå att köpa en massa och det enda jag kunde slänga var en tom flaska foundation.
Idag skulle jag verkligen ha behövt gå handla för jag har typ ingen mat hemma men jag pallade inte.
Så nu sitter jag här hungrig som fan men ska gå göra lite soppa så jag får i mig något.
Dagen har jag mest spenderat framför datorn och med att organisera lite. Sminkbordet/hyllan och mina smycken. Det var allt jag orkade med. Måste verkligen gå igenom min garderob snart och välja ut vad jag ska ha med mig, tvätta det och sen börja packa. Nästa helg åker jag till byn, ska åka med syrran till Arlanda eftersom hon drar till USA och sen bara umgås med favoriter. Sen tillbaka hit på söndag, för att jobba måndag till torsdag och sen åker jag!
Nee, nu ska jag koka lite soppa.
Stolt över denna Blondie som jobbade hårt i helgen, sorry I missed it babe! <3


Ljus, en kopp te och en bra film! Allt jag behöver just nu!!!


Tit for tat...

...not my style. I've said my part...

People need to stop being dramatic...it ain't that serious!!!



Skulle kunna skiva en massa här just nu men ska nog inte göra det!!!

Vill dock påpeka att vi är alla olika, gör och tänker olika, det gör oss inte till dåliga eller falska människor...det är bara att acceptera varandra och gå vidare.

Kan man inte vara vänner, ja då kanske man inte ska vara det men en vän ska kunna säga saker till den andra och inte baktala den...!!!

För gissa vad?

Den du litar på, litar alltid på någon annan...

Tänk på det!!!!


image description
Det blir STHLM i helgen för att umgås med denna underbara varelse


Snart åker vi mot Växjö...väntar på syrran nu!!!
Sitter och pratar med mamma om allt mellan himmel och jord!!!


Framme i byn sedan två timmar tillbaka. Stannade först och handlade i Arboga och sedan på Marieberg i Örebro! Där skulle jag dock bara byta mina nya skor som jag köpte förra veckan. Fläppen eller vad man nu kallar det lossnade! Men tror nog det var ett fabriksfel då jag köpte mina i Jönköping och i Örebro kollade vi flera par innan vi hittade ett par där den satt fast ordentligt! Och det var bara på höger sko det var så!!! Men nu har jag i alla fall bytt dem så får vi se. Går dem sönder igen då ska jag byta dem till ett par andra skor. Om man betalar 399 för ett par skor så förväntar man sig att de inte ska gå sönder utan att man har haft chansen att använda dem.

Har jobbat lite nu på kvällen och läst igenom ett 43 sidigt dokument om Geodatasamverkan!!!
Det får räcka för ikväll...

Myser med mamma och pappa nu och kollar på någon galen juggefilm!!!
Imorgon vid 10 åker vi mot Växjö!!!! Längtar!!!



Japp, då är det fredag igen!
Åker mot byn direkt efter jobbet, snacka om att det var jobbigt att bära ner alla väskor/påsar!

Längtar riktigt till helgen! Syrran är iväg ikväll så jag ska passa på att mysa med manna och pappa, kanske iväg och träffa Ada en stund, om hon hinner!
Och imorgon åker jag, syrran och Ivy iväg på en roadtrip! Först till Växjö för att hälsa på Nerdina, Bebis och Mirre, vi ska sova där. Och på söndag ska vi till Jönköping och fika med underbara Irma!
Ska blir så kuuuul att bara mysa, dricka te, prata och umgås!
Tror jag är över det där med att gå ut varje helg! Missförstå mig inte, det är fortfarande kul, men inte varje helg!
Fattar inte hur folk klarar det vid denna ålder! Visst när man var 20 gick det men man blir fan 27 snart och det går inte längre! Haha...jäffla gamling!

Btw, folk som säger att man inte har något liv om man inte går ut varje helg är bara dumma!
Bara för att man inte är ute och ränner betyder inte det att man sitter hemma och ruttnar! :p
Vissa tycker faktiskt att det är roligare att sitta hemma med en kopp te än att trängas på dansgolvet!!!

Ha en bra helg allihopa!!!


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