My day

Hello faves!

What's going on with you!?
I'm in such a good mood right now, it's not even funny!
I'm loving life at the moment, actually I love it all the time but today has been such a good day, so far!
Yesterday was also a good day! I was just too tired to write anything! Lol
Was gonna go to bed early but just like usual I went to bed at midnight!
I'm liking this side of me! Lol...
I think it's the fact that it's only a week left until my trip and that really means a lot to me! It's been a year since I've been to Bosnia and seen my family!
Can't wait to hug and kiss them all and just spend time with them! I know I'm gonna come back feeling so refreshed and ready to take over the world!
Also, I'm going back home Friday because my sissy leaves for the US Saturday and mom, dad and I are gonna take her to the airport! :)
I know she's gonna have a great time! And I can't wait for her to get me all the shoes and bags I want! Lol
Anyway, while I'm in Bosnia I'm gonna celebrate my 27th birthday! :D
I'm bout to be so old!!!!!!!! Haha
Last year I had a party at the house and a lot of people came, it's a do over this year!
Hoping it's as much fun as when I turned 26. Had my uncles there, my aunties, other family members and a firework show! Yes, you read it right! My dad did a firework show for my birthday! It was so cool and a surprise! I had no idea he had that planned! Missed my mom and sister but we celebrated when I came back!
This year I'm gonna have a party at my new house when my sister comes back at the end of January!


Aww I miss bubba!!! <3


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