And...I'm back!!!

First, I really gotta say thanks to everyone that kept checking back even though I wasn't updating...mad cool! Second..Happy New Year to you all. Hope it's a great one!!! So, let me fill you in on what't been going on in my life these last few day! Wait, Hold UP! I gotta get something off my chest! To the person that wrote that really stupid and funny, yes funny, comment I just have one thing to say. Karma is a bitch, WATCH OUT!!! Moving on... We got to Bosnia friday night! Pretty late and a lot later than we expected but those pigs on the border crossing kept us waiting for hours. That weekend we just hung put with family and had a great time. My cosuin Aldi was in town so me and her hung out and went out. But one thing that we both love and are great at is shopping. So one day was all about that since she was only staying for a few days. Loved every minute of it. She's just like me...if she sees something she likes, she gets it! Made us think, maybe it's a good thing we live in two different countries or we would be broke at all time. The day before NYE something sad happened (I won't share that here) but we all, and I really mean all were very upset. Thank GOD, everything turned out good in the end but our NYE was spent at home, chilling, wishing the people we were missing were there. Thanks to my auntie and myself the rest of the people there got a few good laughs out of us. ;) After NYE it was time to gear up for my birthday. I had a party on the 4th of January since I was gonna be back in Sweden on my actual birthday. 3 cakes and a few bottles of alcohol later I went to bed feeling very loved. :D Thanks to everyone there for making me feel so special. We were supposed to leave Prijedor early friday morning but we ended up leaving thursday evening at about 8. My dad and I were more than ready to go so we were pacing around the house waitng for the dishwasher to finish. LOL Mom was a bit upset with us, she didn't really understand what the big rush was. Really, there wasn't a rush but I think both of us just felt like the waiting was annoying. We arrived back friday evening at like 6.30 and I went to bed sometimes after 10pm. I had so much stuff to do and catch up on. Even though I had access to the internet at all times I just didn't feel like doing any work at all. Satuday at 2pm I met my girls at Gusto (where else)! We had a wonderful time and it was so great to see them. Miss those chicas!!! And, love them even more! Thanks for making my birthday so special, being able to spend it with YOU means a lot to me! Saturday evening, it was time for a small get together. Aunties and uncles were in the house, oh yeah and AzraZ as well. She's everywhere. You can't get rid of her! :p Enjoyed the time with them all, knowing Sunday I had to leave and come back to reality. Sunday was another day spent at Gusto, this time with Ivy who had the work the previous day and couldn't join us. As usual we had a blast. After I dropped her off at home, I went back to my parents house got all my stuff and drove those 182 kilometers that separates me from the people I love the most. Since being back my days have consited of work from 8 to 4.30 and then unpacking, sorting out all my stuff and chilling. Tonight I have to clean my kitchen and vaccum clean so I can enjoy my weekend by doing nothing, at all! I'm just gonna lounge around in my sweats, drink tea and watch TV. Can't wait!!!


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