Friday the 13th

I'm not really a person that believes in that whole thing of friday the 13th being bad luck. Like, I won't stay home because I'm afraid something might happen but I know that if God forbid something did happen I would blame it on friday the 13th. That's funny, but true! Anyway, last night I talked to Ivy about this coming year and our plans for it. She's movig to Australia at the end of this year, for good she says and it makes me sad. She just came back less than a year ago. She had been there for over two years. And, as much as I hate the fact that she's gonna be moving again, I can't hold her back nor would I ever try. I know she's happy there and that's exactly what I want her to be!!! :) She's trying to get me to come to Melbourne for NYE instead of going to Dubai! We'll see!!! LOL First things first, a weekend trip to a city in Europe and then summer vacation in the US!!! XO


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