Hell NO

I really don't understand how people who don't put me first want me to put them first, like come on now, I'm not stupid.
I will only go out of my way a few times to do so but when I see that you're just using me for whatever reason I won't play like that.
You don't come to visit but you get upset when I don't invite you to come kick it when I'm in town in town.
Who the fuck do you think you are???
You ain't that important to me!
My real friends call me, text me and come to visit. You don't do neither of those three so I really don't understand how you expect for me to want to kick it with you. To me that's more like time wasted, time I can spend with people who actually do wanna spend time with me and don't only do so when they don't have anyhting better to do!
I'm only playing by the same rules that you are! Why would I take away time from my family and friends to be with you. I don't get the way some people think. I guess I'll see you when I don't have anything better to do!!!




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