I've been standing in the kitchen ever since I got home from work almost 3 hours ago. I'm in such a stange mood. I feel like cooking and baking. I made dinner and lunch for tomorrow and then also I made bread.
I made small bun after a recipe Åsa emailed me. I was gonna make it yesterday so I went to the grocery store to pick up some things including yeast for baking. But, when I got home I realized I hade forgotten to actually put it in my bag. So I came home without it.
I was pissed and didn't wanna go back to the store. Totally forgott about the lil store I have just down the street.
So I had to go again today. Turns out the guy remebers me and he gave me 3 for free since I had already payed yesterday! So sweet of him! :)
I'm finally done with everything. The cooking and the cleaning!
Now I'm about to jump in the shower and enjoy a few episodes of Revenge before bed.

Postat av: Ada

Ser goda ut. Mumma big time! Hajde telepatera hit några, lagom till mitt nu (mkt) sena kvällskäk :-D.

2012-01-17 @ 20:28:09
Postat av: azra

vattnas i munnen, varmt bröd och smör så det smälter njamiiiiiii!!!!!

2012-01-17 @ 22:58:35

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