My weekend

I took off straight from work. Got to my parents house around 6.30, Basically just took my bag upstairs and said Hi before I left. Oh, talked to my sister, aunt and uncle for a few minutes over Skype too. Then I drove over to my cousins house and hung out with him and his fiancee for a few hours. Got home to my parents around 10. They were talking to a cousin in Italy so at first I did so too and then me and mom went to the bedroom to get my bed ready and ended up talking forever. I totally forgott about the time and ended up missing out on a date with Azra.
Had a missed call and text message from her but by the time I saw it, it was already 11.30 and she had already gone home. I couldn't bother going out at that time.
Went to bed after midnight.
Woke up at 9 the next morning and just hung out with mom and dad before it was time to head to the airport. I drove all the way and we got there just as my sister landed. I had just parked when she sent me a text.
We got her and then headed straight back. In the car we heard a lot of what has been going on. Funniest part was about Aidan and how he was gonna build a room out of mexiglass (plexiglass) so Ninna couldn't leave. Cutie pie!
We got home and she started going through her bags. I got a bunch of great gifts. A skirt, VS lipgloss, Burberry perfume, Burberry scarf a bag and much more.
Soon after the Zubanovic/Duratovic family joined us for some fun hang out time. Azra and I were going to watch a soccer tournament later than evening but first we had dinner. Thanks mom! :)
We got to the venue at about 9pm I think and it was FULL. We stood on the stairs watching a few games and then decided to go get something to eat at McD. As we were leaving we ran into a bunch of people we know outside. Talked to them for a while and it was freezing. After McD we went back to watch the finals and this time we even go to sit down. :)
I think it was 12.30 when I dropped Azra off and went to my parents house. Woke up and 9.30 the next day and realised I had forgotten my snood scarf. I decided to go by and see if anyone was there and maybe they found it. There were people there but noone who had been there the night before, but I got the number to a guy. I'm gonna call him tomorrow and see if he has it.
I didn't want for it to be such a big deal, I just went there to see but oh well, maybe I'll get it back and I do love it.
After that I stopped by my apartment building to leave a bill for the guy that lives there and then I went to my sisters house. All the girl were coming over. Azra had to leave early but the rest of us hung out and had a great time for a few hours.
After that Ninna and I went to eat lunch at mom and dad's house and then I left to go back home. The drive went by so fast and I was home early it felt like, I think it was 5.30, maybe even earlier.
Just chilled for the rest of the night watching The Secret Circle. Got to work around 8. Just had lunch and now I'm getting back to work.


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