Plans for 2012...

So, the next two months are booked for me, like every single weekend...and, I'm so looking forward to it. Should be a great time and before I know it, it's gonna be summer and I'm gonna be going to the country I love the most. The US of A...America...!!! Can not wait. My sister is there right now and I'm so freaking jelly!!! I wish I could have gone but I really couldn't. But before than we're planning on taking a weekend trip somewhere in Europe, just to get away. And for NYE 2012 I really wanna go to Dubai, but we'll see about that!!! If there is someone that wants to go with me, let me know...let's start planning. And for my sissy's 30th bday in Feb 2013 she wants us all to go away somewhere, Rio or Thailand so I got plan for that as well. Basically...the way my year is look like this, save for a trip and when I get back from that one start saving for the next one! That's about it. Can't wait!!! I'm off to ZzZzZz land now to dream about my trips... Sleep tight loves! XO


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